All-American Soars with SkyMall


C&A Marketing, the new owner of the SkyMall brand, has tapped All-American Licensing to help develop a line of merchandise and explore other relationships for the in-flight retailer.

“Our strategy is to capitalize on the massive brand awareness of SkyMall by introducing an unprecedented line of consumer products to be sold at retailers across the country,” says Tim Rothwell, co-founding partner, All-American Licensing. “We believe that SkyMall is positioned to offer major retailers and their customers’ innovative products that provide a treasure hunt experience each time they visit the store.”

The deal will include a new licensed collection of products including apparel, electronics, health-related products, audio and video accessories, furniture and more. All-American Licensing also plans to bring freestanding SkyMall locations to both airports and malls across the U.S.

“We’ve been impressed with what the team at All-American Licensing has done in the past, and are delighted that our newly acquired brand will reach an entirely new customer base,” says Raymond Levy, chief executive officer, SkyMall.